Mexican Battles; Catholics Vs Rampaging Pro-Abortion Feminists By Charles Taylor

     Life in the post-apocalypse of America is certainly entertaining, and nobody can claim to be bored. Terrified?  Yes, terrified, but never bored. Consider:

“Groups of pro-abortion feminists in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and several other Mexican cities rampaged through the streets on Sunday in a pro-abortion “march” last Saturday that included attempts to set churches and government buildings on fire, spray-painting of graffiti, vandalism, and attacks on bystanders, including reporters. However, in Guadalajara and Mexico City, Catholics responded to the call to line up in front of their churches to protect them from the vandalism that churches have suffered in previous marches by feminists. The Catholics held banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe and chanted “Viva Cristo Rey,” in imitation of the Cristeros, who defended the Catholic faith from government oppression in the 1920s. In Guadalajara, hundreds of Catholics lined up around the city’s cathedral to protect it from the marchers, and no damage was inflicted on the building, despite the fact that the marchers’ rout took them directly next to the building. In Mexico City, the women tried to set fire to both the gates of the city’s cathedral and the national Chamber of Commerce building. They spray-painted graffiti on sculptures on the Paseo de la Reforma (the city’s main avenue), as well as on the national Government Palace, on walls of businesses, parts of the subway, and on sidewalks.  They chanted, “Abortion yes, abortion no, that is something I decide!” and held signs demanding “legal, safe, and free abortion.”

Their attempts to set fire to the city’s cathedral were impeded by the shutting of the gates in front of the structure, but attempted to set fire to the gates themselves, until they were repulsed by police. The women and girls, some of whom seemed to be teenagers from local high schools, wore green headscarves and shirts, many of them hiding their identities by covering their faces. Some wore witches costumes or dressed as nuns in acts of mockery of the Catholic faith. Others held red flags with the communist symbols of hammer and sickle. In Guadalajara, where this reporter witnessed much of the march, many sprayed buildings with pro-abortion graffiti, including at least one church in the hours before the march.  Some simulated perverse sex acts in front of an elderly man who called out “Viva Cristo Rey.” Others attacked a reporter for the eminent newspaper El Universal and damaged his camera. The reporter, who wished to remain anonymous and said he was merely doing his job in covering the march; organizers had previously warned that male reporters were not welcome and might be attacked. The women and girls call themselves “Marea Verde” (“Green Tide”) in imitation of a feminist pro-abortion movement in Argentina that goes by the same name, and which called for pro-abortion demonstrations in multiple countries to achieve the legalization of the killing of the unborn.”

     No doubt about it, everything, everywhere has rotted and day-by-day, further decays and falls apart, a world of eternal zombies. There is no hope of using any duct tape solution now, as much as I love duct tape, real duct tape with the cloth backing, not the cheap PVC imitation you Aussies call duct tape. Real American duct tape:

     We even have great super-meaningful URLs. Can you imagine why any computer would need so many letters just to find an advert for duct tape?



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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