Mentioning the Unmentionables By Bruce Bennett

     The magic of limited, but diminishing freedom of speech in the USA, allows us to make references here to controversial topics, that would take to long to delicately unravel by us, running up the costs of passing copy to our over-worked and under-paid, legal department:

Yes, there is plenty here on the threat of social media bullying, but the core issue discussed frankly by Zero Hedge does not get a mention. Best to keep one’s kids out of public libraries. I go there each day, as do most of my fellow journalists, as we use free internet to get the job here done, most of us not having the money for a laptop and paid internet. I find the libraries full of ferals, just like public transport in the off-peak period. I would like to do a James Reed and say, “close ‘em all down,” but I am dependent upon them until my ship comes in.

     Oh, there is this one, too, that Her Majesty in her gracious wisdom has defused, but was a time bomb ready to explode, potentially worse than Lady Di, in today’s rabid rabbit culture:

“How are the mighty fallen!
This time a year ago, Prince Harry had the world at his feet
Now, he’s a nobody. Or at best, an ex-Someone. Sure he gets to keep his aristocratic courtesy-title the Duke of Sussex, but he no longer retains the rank of royal prince or the honorific ‘His Royal Highness’; he has to pay back the £2.4 million that the UK taxpayer spent doing up his ‘cottage’; he has lost the role of Captain General — and all his other honorary military titles; he’ll no longer be paid to represent the Royal Family at official events; he’s now possibly even less famous than his wife, who wasn’t exactly A-list to begin with being only the ex-supporting-star from a fading TV show in its seventh series…
Where did it all go so wrong for the poor lad?
Simple. Ex-Prince Harry is perhaps the most tragic living example of Get Woke, Go Broke.
Before he met Meghan Markle, he was one of the lads; a polo-playing, cigarette-smoking, hard-drinking action man with a string of hot girlfriends, a twinkle in his eye that made him probably the Queen’s favourite grandchild, and a common touch which made him the people’s favourite young royal.
But no sooner had he fallen under Meghan’s spell, he became a husk of his former self — riddled with anxiety about everything from the state of the planet to his own mental health, excruciatingly politically correct, replacing polo and shooting and fox hunting with wife-endorsed yoga sessions, reduced to prostituting his royal status — and being caught on camera — begging the CEO of Disney to give his wife some voiceover work.
Under the malign influence of Hollywood princess Meghan, Harry got woke and now he’s broke. Why did he not see all this coming?
The answer is, of course, that when a man is under the glamour of a Circe-like enchantress he becomes immune to reason.”

     I see this as part of the inevitable self-destructiveness of the politically correct Left world view. It is a universal acid, that cannot be contained, but must be moved sideways, quickly. All I can say is: God SAVE the Queen! Long live the monarchy!

     The seldom sung second verse of God Save the Queen is relevant today as it was when first written:

Oh Lord our God arise,
Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks,
On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all!

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Wednesday, 01 April 2020
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