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Melbourne (and Sydney) are No Longer Australian cities By James Reed

     You need to hear what we say from someone outside of our circle. Here is independent Australian film maker from the Dissent Right, Richard Wolstencroft, arguing that Melbourne, and Sydney are no longer Australian cities. He discusses the Asian demographics, with the universities being 60 percent and more Asian students, (so that the future elites will be primarily Chinese e.g. doctors, dentists etc.) and when local are considered, majority Asian. The major cities are gone. And then there is Middle Eastern crime, which is so extensive that it has even taken over the former bikie gangs, making a Blade Runner kind of world.

     Many of us living in the green leafy suburbs, or in the country, may not be aware of this, not being confronted by stark realities every second of every day. I suggest a day trip to the city, Taking a cut lunch, maybe on a Wednesday, visiting the universities and spending some time there. Then the CBD, especially Sydney. Look and learn, as the title of the old magazine put it.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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