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Meet Macron the Manly By Richard Miller

     I know that at times I have said that Sweden will be the first European country to slip open like a rotten melon, but surely France, run by a symbol of cosmopolitan  end times,  Emmanuel Macron, is catching up. By the way, Macron is married to Brigitte Macron, age 65, while he is aged 40 years. Wow, that has just got to be, well, “exciting,” I am sure that she is a nice person, and I would be proud to have her as my mother. My French is bad but I think Macron’s mother, Françoise  Noguès,  is only a wee bit older:

     I could not find on the net whether or not  the happy couple  have been blessed with the pitter patter of little feet, but I suppose stranger things have happened, like this:

     And, therefore I am not surprised at the latest Macronism:

“Emmanuel Macron has said funding should be withdrawn from pro-sovereignty nations reluctant to hand more power over to Brussels, and that countries which refuse to welcome third world migrants must be thrown out of the Schengen area. “Europe is not a menu à la carte, it’s a political project,” the French president declared, speaking at the end of an EU mini-summit on migration in Salzburg Thursday evening. At a press conference following the meeting of European leaders, Macron acknowledged there was “a crisis and tensions” over the topic but, crying out, “Who generates them?” the former investment banker launched a broadside at nations which reject asylum seekers and those which “refuse to let boats dock on its ports”.

     I expect that when he helps create an Islamic Europe, he and his mother … sorry, wife, will move elsewhere to live out their golden years in peace, while France, and the rest of Europe continues to burn. Too bad about all of the stray nukes though, that will probably set off World War III. Still, the normies had their chance to vote for Le Pen. In the meantime, Eastern European countries opposed to death by migration should tell him to go play lawn bowls with his wife, and have a nice warm croissant with strawberry jam and cream, which is not too hard on the dentures.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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