Meditations on Drinking Lead By James Reed

     Do you like drinking lead? It is not a silly question, because the ancient Romans drank wine from lead containers, and look what happened to them. Anyway, we Aussies have a similar problem:

“Australian households have been officially advised to run their taps for at least 30 seconds in the morning amid fears of lead poisoning from plumbing products. The alert was issued in July by enHealth — a standing committee representing federal, state and territory health departments, the National Health and Medical Research Council and the New Zealand Ministry of Health — but not widely publicised. While lead is rarely used in water pipes in Australia, it is still widely used in a “range of plumbing products” such as brass fittings. It can dissolve into drinking water “particularly where water has been sitting in contact with these brass plumbing products for long periods”. Lead exposure can cause a wide range of symptoms ranging from muscle pains, fatigue, abdominal pains, headache, nausea and vomiting to seizures and coma. Infants and children are especially vulnerable as lead can impair brain development.”

     I have had my taps all running full blast since I read this, and only succeeded in producing Victoria’s largest water bill, as well as flooding the district! I would like to know if the band aid “solution” of just running the water for 30 seconds really does much? What scientific studies back this up? Shouldn’t something be done about the use of lead in plumbing? And so on. Hence, I do not ever intend to drink tap water again, restricting my fluid intake solely to alcoholic beverages.

Editor’s disclaimer: the drinking comments offered by James Reed come from an alcoholic, and nobody in their right mind should ever believe such piffle. Investigate rainwater and filter systems, and put your health first. If you are really worried then have your water tested to be on the safe side.


PSS. Some readers are concerned that I may have offended James by my comments in regard to his sobriety habits. James and I have come together to suggest that those who may be concerned to 'frown' towards the article. Further, to 'raise the eyebrows'. If this is still insufficient, then to do one eyebrow 'frown' and the other 'raised' in concert. Include a solid stare to add effect.

Sniggering, snorting, belly laughs and rolling on the floor in laughter by James and myself will not be tolerated. Should this occur Mrs Vera West is happy to resolve the issue with 'serious' foot tapping, hands on hips and eye-rolling at the same time (as modeled by Betty the animated sheep from the website).

Happy Christ Mass from all at ALOR head Office.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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