Meat and Masculinity By John Steele

     Ha! I just knew it; eating meat is what red-blooded hairy chested men like me do, and it makes us sexy too, which explains my ever-popularity with the masses of women who also live hermit lives in make-do tents out in the wilderness of Victoria:

“Past research has highlighted links between meat consumption and masculine gender role norms such that meat consumers are generally attributed more masculine traits than their vegetable-consuming counterparts. However, the direct link between gender roles and men’s food choices has been somewhat neglected in the literature. Three studies conducted in Italy investigated this link between meat and masculinity. Studies 1 and 2 analyzed female mating preference for vegetarian and omnivorous partners, confirming that women preferred omnivorous men (Study 1 and 2), rated them as more attractive (Study 1 and 2), and felt more positive about them (Study 1) than vegetarians. Moreover Study 2 showed that the attribution of masculinity mediated this relationship, such that vegetarian men were considered less attractive because they were perceived as less masculine. Study 3 tested the relationship between the endorsement of food-related gender norms and food choices in a sample of Italian men. The results showed that men who perceived vegetarianism as feminine preferred meat-based dishes for themselves and expected their female partners to choose vegetarian dishes. Together, these findings show that gender role norms prescribing that men eat meat are actively maintained by both women and men and do in fact guide men’s food choices.”

     That was just too much sociology for me to swallow, preferring a plate full of red  meat, “raw and wriggling,” but the short of the long seems to be that both men and women believe  that meat eating men are more desirable to women. This is basic primal stuff, going back to the caves or wherever we came from, when men had to kill a dinosaur or two to feed their family, and tasty dino steaks were roasted on nighttime fires, while men boasted of their prowess in combat and hunting. Doesn’t that set off a little tingle of familiarity in every man, a racial memory, who still has a pulse? We don’t include libtards, who have no pulse, being “the walking dead.”



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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