Maybe the United States Will End Soon in a Nuclear Holocaust? By Chris Knight

     The possibility of a major nuclear accident following in the wake of Hurricane Florence, has not been covered by the mainstream US media, who are too busy smashing White America and Donald Trump. But, as covered in the Mike Adams alternative presses, this is a real possibility, since the Brunswick nuclear power plant on the US east coast took a direct hit from Hurricane Florence and is now in a state of emergency, even while running a “hot shutdown,” as technical staff can no longer reach the site:

“Now the NRC has declared an emergency at the Brunswick facility. Personnel are not able to access the plant, which is running a “hot shutdown” sequence. The facility is apparently running blind. At risk is the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States, which would be rendered uninhabitable for 300 years if a nuclear fuel meltdown occurs. No one in the fake news media seems to think this is important enough to cover. After all, they’re too busy trying to blame Trump for somehow causing the hurricane itself. The sheer stupidity — and almost suicidal tendency — of modern humans never ceases to amaze.”

     We will see how long talk about the dregs of society continues, if society itself is reduced to dregs. Perhaps the US has degenerated to such a degree that a large scale nuclear disaster would probably not be noticed, since like most of the West, the US is fast taking on the shape of a post-apocalyptic landscape!



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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