Massacres in Australia: Not by Gun By John Steele

     After the school shootings in the US, the globalist gun banning tribe have been squawking about how Australia is free from the US “disease” because of Johnny Howard’s gun ban. But, a little more research dispels the myth that Australia has avoided massacres. What has changed is only the weapons used, and of course the methodology, used to define and record such “massacres.” Drug-related shooting where there are less that four victims killed or wounded are not counted, thus keeping the statistic tidy. Put in such drug and gangland killings and wounding, and so-called gun free Australia starts to look like the US in certain regions. Parts of Sydney are warzones already:

     There have been massacres to match recent US shootings, only involving other weapons, such as   the Cairns child massacre, where 8 children were killed with a knife, the Quaker Hill Nursing home arson in Australia that killed 14 and the Lin killings in which the assailant used a  hammer to kill 5 people:

     Hence, banning guns has not prevented massacres, for killers have simply changed use of their weapons. As well, people not being able to have firearms means that it is no longer possible to realistically defend oneself, so in Australia, any right of self-defence has ceased to exist. If anything survives of Australia, people will look back at this weak, deracinated and cucked culture, and shake their heads in disbelief that anything as pathetic as this was permitted to occur.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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