Masculinity is Health, in an Insane Oestrogenic World By Mrs Vera West

     The traditional ideal of masculinity is under attack like never before, because, well, that is just the stage that gender agenda has reached, from false equality, to masculine genocide now. So, every defence of traditional masculinity must be celebrated, and one such defence made these salient points:

“Evidence suggests that we should reverse this claim entirely and say that masculinity is entirely natural, and feminism is unhealthy. Feminism is a disease, and masculinity is the cure. As mentioned above, unlike feminism, masculinity is NOT a social construct or an ideology, it is an inherent biological reality. What feminists often present as “unhealthy” behaviors in masculinity are simply fabricated or exaggerated, and I am speaking from a Western perspective specifically. While men are designed to be more sexually aggressive, there is no “rape culture” in western society. Nowhere in the western world is rape advocated as acceptable. Nowhere is it protected by law. The #MeToo movement is yet another propaganda initiative which is meant to take criminal actions of a select few men and apply them to ALL men and masculinity in general. The lie of rape culture is promoted through false and rigged statistics. The fact that a large portion of reported sexual abuse is perpetrated by women is also ignored.  Clearly, rape is not the exclusive domain of masculinity.

Beyond the lie that “all men rape”, masculine energy and aggressiveness is admonished as ugly and disruptive. Everyone knows of course that men are savages.  But after a long day of raping, how could we possibly have the energy to go out looking for a steady supply of fistfights?  Apparently we do according to feminists, and we encourage our sons to do the same, which continues the cycle of violence that plagues the world. In truth, male aggressiveness is channeled into many healthy things that help society. The competitive edge drives men to accomplish more - to succeed. And though in some cases this might be a selfish pursuit, it still benefits others as men continue to produce and build. In terms of physical violence, men are biologically evolved to protect and provide for others. The problem is not men or masculinity, but a minority of men AND women with inherent narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies.

Unless I missed something, the world is still a very dangerous place because of a minority of psychopaths. Men with protective natures will always be needed to defend against such criminality. Feminism is actually seeking to diminish the very masculine traits which make society safer and more balanced. The western world overall is becoming a very unhappy place. Male suicide is spiking, but let's not forget about how feminism is also hurting women. While men are more likely to successfully kill themselves, women are more likely to make the attempt. Even in the wake of the women's rights movement, women's happiness has continued to drop. I would suggest that it is actually feminism and the social justice cult that has caused the misery of both genders by pushing them away from their biological roles. Men are no longer supposed to be providers and protectors, and their natural energy is attacked as destructive to society. Women are no longer supposed to be nurturing people with nesting instincts and a desire for children; they are supposed to abandon all of that to take on the roles of men. The loss of our biological imperatives is driving us to depression, suicide and the downfall of our civilization.

The only solution I can think of is for men to start acting like men again; to even organize around masculinity and to support each other in our efforts to achieve our goals  We must return to our roots as producers, providers, builders and protectors and we have to ensure that we do this for the right reasons rather than reasons given to us by the establishment. If you are wondering why many governments have taken such an active interest in supporting feminist aims and in some cases turning their ideology into law, consider this:

Masculinity can be independent, unruly and aggressive.  A society in which masculinity thrives is a society that is harder to rule.  A society that has made masculinity a taboo would be easier to dominate.  Socialist governments in particular support feminism because it serves their interests - keeping people docile and dependent so that the ruling elite are forever secure in their positions of power.”

     In short, the globalist elites have gone along with the rad fem agenda, because their goal is total control, and ultimate nihilistic destruction over the planet, and red-blooded men would, one hopes, fight against this. Yet it is not too late, as long as a drop of testosterone is left, somewhere in this strange land.



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Thursday, 15 April 2021
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