Marrying Oneself? By Mrs Vera West

The trend is to come up with increasingly absurd things that one can marry, since the Left has deconstructed marriage. So, now we have the case of someone marrying themselves, which seems to be a conceptual confusion. Anyway, the next big thing will be marrying abstract entities such as the number zero, or maybe even marrying the differential calculus. And, why not, wish the happy “couple” well. Could one marry the entire universe? Multiverse?

“A woman who 'married' herself in a commitment ceremony attended by friends and family divided viewers when she appeared on This Morning. 

Meg Taylor Morrison, 35, a life and business coach from Atlanta, Georgia, explained she 'married' herself as a symbol of 'self-love' after splitting from her fiancé four months before their planned October 2020 wedding. 

She decided to keep parts of the ceremony in place - only she said her vows in a mirror and kissed her reflection instead of wedding someone else.”

It fits perfectly with the narcissism of the age. 




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Monday, 17 January 2022