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Maleficent; Masters of Evil By Chris Knight

     The movie Maleficent: Mistresses of Evil (2019) is out, a much darker version of the Sleeping Beauty genre, starring Angelia Jolie, who still looks ok, post Brad Pitt, at least to me. That is relevant, because looking at the film posters, as well as Breitbart News, I compared the Democrat players in the Trump impeachment, with the wicked witches and wizards of these sorts of movies. My research result is that the real political players in our world radiate a physical ugliness that surpasses movie villains. In fact, the globalist financial players take it to an entirely new level and operate at a level of criminal psychopathology far beyond the cartoonish villains in pre-Daniel Craig Bond movies. Physical ugliness is a marker of spiritual ugliness. No names here; it applies to most of them. Looking at their faces makes me want to vomit; how about you? There is something inhuman here. How do we make sense of this level of evil? What hypothesis explains this parsimoniously?

     I believe that we are really ruled not by human beings, for these creatures are far too evil to be in any way human, but by demons from hell, hiding in the decaying shells of once-human bodies. Think about it, especially over a few stiff whiskeys and it will make sense. Too much sense … And, speaking of hell:



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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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