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Making Very False news By Charles Taylor

     This is an interesting example of how the mainstream media generate false news, one where they were caught out. It is relevant to Australians because in the US we are seeing the whole system unravel before our eyes, and everybody needs to learn from our hard lessons.

“CNN anti-Trump activist Jim Acosta was caught on video Friday not only engaging in shameless grandstanding, but in the actual act of manufacturing fake news. In the video embedded below, Acosta is present at a White House event where President Trump delivered remarks about the five journalists murdered in Maryland on Thursday. As you will see, though, Acosta is clearly too far away to be seen or heard by the president. Nevertheless, although there is no way he will be heard, Acosta drops all pretense of professionalism to still holler a question to the president: “Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?” In other words, Acosta knows Trump cannot hear him, but like a heckler out to spoil the moment for everyone else, he still screams his question at him.

     It is good that the mainstream media are now so bluntly dishonest, since it is showing their true colours. No wonder that people are fast turning to the alternative media, which well explains why the big move on internet censorship is now in full swing. Hopefully a critical mass of people (said to be 10 percent) will awaken, and begin the revolt against the elites.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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