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Make Antifa Pay By Peter Ewer

     If antifa causes all of the trouble, why should the good guys have to pay? This turns out to be a back door way of suppressing free speech:

“The organiser who brought out right-wing commentator Lauren Southern to Australia for a speaking tour is refusing to pay a $67,000 bill from Victoria Police. Last Month David Pellowe from Axiomatic Events hosted a nationwide tour with alt-right Candian commentators Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. The controversial tour attracted substantial media and police attention at the time. Mounted police, police dogs and riot officers faced off with about 200 protesters who verbally abused attendees and tried to stop buses entering a Melbourne reception centre where the speakers were appearing. Victoria Police has since sent a bill of $67,842 for policing the event to Axiomatic Events. Mr Pellowe is refusing to pay the bill telling Alan Jones “I have read the legislation and regulations that provide for these charges and the people applying these charges are not reading them properly”. “The law says the role of the Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law… there was nothing about these events that contravene that law.”

     Ok, just go to court and sttle it … law suits are what made Australia great, no, wait, that was America, and the line was from Spider-man 1, nowhere to be found on YouTube. However ... Just around the corner; Leftists in the US are advocating “confronting” conservatives at their homes, are releasing home addresses, getting ready for super-violence, according to Mike Adams:

“Now, we’ve learned that left-wing groups are openly discussing mass executions and planned murders of prominent conservatives, and they’re using Twitter to carry out the attacks. (See details and links, below.) Twitter is just one of several tech giants that selectively bans conservative speech but refuses to remove radical left-wing users who openly call for violence and murder. For political reasons, tech giants have decided to protect left-wing terrorist groups in America, becoming complicit in the escalation of the coming civil war. As just one example among hundreds, see this article from InfoWars: “KILL TRUMP, HANG HIM, HUNT HIM” FACEBOOK PAGE DOESN’T VIOLATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

Now, The Daily Caller reports that someone in the House of Representatives has “doxxed” conservative U.S. Senators by using a congressional computer to publish their home addresses and phone numbers to Wikipedia. “Doxxing” means publishing someone’s personal, private information such as the location where they live, their social security number or their private phone number. Importantly, doxxing members of the U.S. Senate allows left-wing “kill teams” to physically locate where those Senators live. Armed with this information — and driven to violent hysteria by a complicit, lying media — left-wing kill teams can assault the homes of U.S. Senators while they sleep and attempt to executive those Senators and their families. As this article shows below, left-wing activists are openly and explicitly discussing such plans on Twitter, and they are not being banned by Twitter or other tech giants.”

     The above article documents that while conservatives are censored from what amount to no more that free speech about issues in the public interest, the radicals are being permitted by Big Tech to openly advocate murder. And, as usual Trump does nothing. Obama had the Secret Service jump on everyone who threatened him. Anyway, for Americans, this shows how important it is to own, and be able to carry firearms for all of the fun and games ahead as humanity loses its mind:



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Thursday, 28 May 2020
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