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Look, if Dr Phil Says it is So, It is So! By Paul Walker

     Like, wow, Dr Phil, a man with a real PhD, capable of analysing all sorts of things. Deep insights into human nature, like that Peterson chap, who also has a PhD. And if Dr Phil is critical of Social Justice Warriorhood, well so much the worst for SJW:

“Phil McGraw, best known as Dr. Phil, rejected the “social justice” ethos of state-mandated egalitarianism in an interview with Joe Rogan on Tuesday. Dr. Phil characterized inequalities between persons as a feature of the human condition (comments begin at 1:26:32): JOE ROGAN: There’s a movement going on in this country, right now, the social justice movement, and it leans in that direction [of preventing kids from facing and overcoming adversity], that people don’t want to look at things for how they are. They want to look at things for how they want them to be. DR. PHIL: I just don’t understand. You cannot legislate that everything is going to be equal for everybody, because everybody’s not equal. I’m sorry, they’re not equal. They may be equal in terms of their value as a human being, but they’re not equal in math skills, they’re not equal in how fast they run, they’re not equal in creativity. Everybody has their own value, but that doesn’t mean their marketable skills in an open society — in an open market — are going to be the same. JOE ROGAN: No, it’s ridiculous.’

     Dr Phil, once I was a doubter, but now, I am a true believer. The truth is really out there! Keep on going like this, and you too will soon joint the unemployment lines with us.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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