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London Land of the Great PTSD By Richard Miller

     It gets really interesting when multicult knife crime starts to impact upon commerce and capitalism.

“Shop workers are experiencing "severe mental health consequences" as a result of violent store crime, a study says. The report by City, University of London, says a rise in violent retail crime is causing "long-lasting anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder" among workers in the sector. More than 42,000 assaults or threats were recorded in the industry in 2018. Dr Emmeline Taylor, the report's author, says government action is "urgently needed" to protect staff. "All too frequently, shop workers are suffering physical injuries, as well as chronic and life changing mental health consequences of violence, such as long-term anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder," the report states. According to the research, the four main scenarios that lead to violent interactions are: encountering shoplifters, enforcing age-restrictions on the sale of goods, hate-crime related incidents and armed and unarmed robberies.

  •     'I've been spat on, bitten and kicked'
  •     Knife crime curfew plan for 12-year old’s
  •     Police road collision deaths reach 10-year high

Home Office data showed that assaults and threats against sector staff rose from 524 incidents per 1,000 premises in 2016, to 1,433 in 2017. And earlier this year, the British Retail Consortium said around 115 workers in the UK faced threats or assaults every day.

'Axes, needles, machetes and knives'
Jean-Marie Hughes - a 33-year-old former retail worker who now helps other staff overcome traumatic events - told researchers that in the last 12 months she knew of colleagues who had been "physically injured with axes, needles, machetes and knives". "I know of colleagues that have been dragged through their store, who have had knives held to their throats, or been made to kneel down with guns or other weapons held at their head," she said. "They have been screamed at, threatened, and left scared to travel home from work. "The impact of these incidents last a lifetime, not just on those directly involved but it affects their colleagues, their families and their communities."”

     Well, like us, they were warned decades ago, and sow a wind, reap a whirlwind.



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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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