London is Not An English City By Richard Miller

     I will be doing an article on this theme shortly, maybe today if I can clear the multicultural mess from my desk (I didn’t), but for an appetiser, here is Aussie film maker Richard Wolstencroft , defending comedian John Cleese’s remarks that London is no longer an English city. In fact, things are much worse than this, as English people have been so deracinated that English ethnic identity has ceased to exist. I will do an article about this, as promised. It is hard to keep moving when the bad news each day weighs so heavily upon one. It is enough to give one stomach ulcers, and it already has:

“One day a man had him enter his finely furnished home, and told him: ‘Above all do not spit on the floor.’ Diogenes, who wanted to spit, sent his spit to the gentleman’s face, while shouting that this was the only dirty place he had found where he could do it.” (Diogenes Laërtius)



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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