London: Exciting, Vibrating, Knifey By Richard Miller

     The multicultural elite are jumping for joy at news that England’s Muslim population has now topped 3 million, which exceeds the total population of Wales or Northern Ireland in the 2011 census:

“Office for National Statistics (ONS) research based on the Annual Population Survey (APS), a new a data collection method based on a “continuous household survey, comprising the Labour Force Survey (LFS) supplemented by sample boosts in England, Wales and Scotland to ensure small areas are sufficiently sampled”, indicates that the Muslim population of England and Wales increased by over 400,000 — 16 per cent — between the 2011 census and 2016. The Muslim population in England alone is thought have reached around 3,092,000 by 2016, greater than the total populations, including Muslims and all other minority groups, recorded for Wales (3,063,456) or Northern Ireland (1,810,863) in the 2011 census, according to coverage of the research in the Daily Mail. If accurate, the APS data — which naturally does not account for people resident in Britain illegally, or for people who live in “communal establishments” such as prisons rather than households — would put the Muslim share of England’s population in 2016 at 5.6 per cent. However, the impact on the country’s culture, demographics, and social cohesion is likely to be much greater than this figure would suggest, given the Muslim population has “tended to be concentrated in particular areas of England”, according to the last national census. “In over half of local authorities the proportion of the population who were Muslim was under one per cent,” the 2011 census reported noted — but added that in areas with “the highest proportion of Muslims” — namely Tower Hamlets and Newham in London, now governed by Muslim left-winger Sadiq Khan — their share of the population was far higher, at “34.5 per cent and 32.0 per cent respectively.”

     As a sign of this, indicating the utterly radical changes that immigration is producing, more than a third of births last year in England and Wales were born to parents, who were themselves born overseas:

“The proportion was especially high in London, where more than 80 per cent of babies in some boroughs were born to at least one foreign parent. In Newham 86.4 per cent had at least one parent born overseas, along with 84.7 per cent in Brent, 83.5 per cent in Westminster, and 83.2 per cent in Kensington and Chelsea. Only three of the capital’s 32 boroughs had fewer than half of births to foreign-born parents. In the wider country, a total of 230,800 births were to parents who had been born abroad, an increase from 212,500 in 2008. Proportionally, this represents a rise on a quarter to a third of births. In August, separate figures showed that a record 27.5 per cent on births in England and Wales were to women born overseas over the previous 12 months, the highest proportion since records began nearly 50 years ago. Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch UK said the figures showed high levels immigration were putting huge pressure on public services. “Looking ahead, a large proportion of London’s population growth will be down to immigration so it is essential that we bring overall numbers down,” he told The Times. Alistair Currie of Population Matters said: “Along with one of the EU’s highest birth rates, net migration remains a significant driver of population growth in this country and especially in London. “Three quarters of a million babies were born in Britain in 2015 and worryingly steep population growth in London and across the country puts the squeeze on our natural resources and public services.”

     And what about merry old London, how are things going there?

“The number of people murdered in London has reached its highest level in a decade under the leadership of Mayor Sadiq Khan, with 149 people losing their lives in 2019. The homicide rate in London last year was the highest since 2008 when 154 people were killed in the capital and ten per cent higher than in 2018 when 135 people were murdered. The majority of victims were stabbed to death, with 90 people being killed by knives, up from 55 in 2014. Gang-related murders have risen sharply during the mayoralty of Sadiq Khan, with 42 people dying in gang-related crimes, more than double that of 2014 when 17 people died in gang crimes, reports The Guardian. In 2018, Mayor Sadiq Khan launched a £500,000 “violent crime unit” in response to the knife crime epidemic sweeping over the city. The founder of Anti-Knife UK, Danny O’Brien, said that the mayor’s response was inadequate to deal with the problem. “He’s said that he’s going to try and save the problem but in reality, he hasn’t got a clue what to do. He starts something, throws money at the problem but doesn’t know what the problem is,” O’Brien said. “Politicians as a whole just simply aren’t doing enough,” he added.

     With an average of 40 knife crimes every day in Khan’s London, nobody can say that life is not exciting. As one sets off in the morning, one can ask: will I be cut to pieces and die in the gutter today? Welcome to the end of England.



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Saturday, 19 September 2020
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