London Bridge Has Fallen Down By Richard Miller

     While London is catching up to some cities in Sweden in terms of becoming the rape capital of Europe, London is somewhat ahead in knife attacks, but a little behind Sweden in grenade attacks. Such is di-versity. Yet, according to the establishment, London is a safe as it was when it was under Viking attack by Olaf II of Norway (1014 AD):

London Bridge is broken down. —
Gold is won, and bright renown.
Shields resounding,
War-horns sounding,
Hild is shouting in the din!
Arrows singing,
Mail-coats ringing —
Odin makes our Olaf win!

     According to the Mayor of London though, London is as safe as can be: 

“Sadiq Khan can be forgiven for his bias in calling the capital “the best city in the world,” but also calling it “one of the safest” while homicide rates spike comes across as either tone-deaf or outright untrue. Khan took to Twitter with a promotional video aimed at reducing knife crime amongst young Londoners and the accompanying message: “London is the best city in the world, full of opportunity, and one of the safest. But too many of our young people are being senselessly lost to knife crime. Share our video today and help us carry a new message.”

     Whistling in the dark does not usually scare away the zombies, vampires and werewolves wanting to slash at one with razor sharp knives. A city with a murder rate now greater than New York, however non-white and vibrant, cannot be regarded as safe. In fact, it is best that white Britons abandon London and allow it to implode. This is the age of loss and casualties.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020
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