Logical Contradictions in the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU) By Chris Knight

     My Alt Right math teacher from the US, Dr John Jensen is staying with me for a few weeks, as he has taken long service leave from his highly demanding job (Not). I asked him if he would contribute some papers to our site on the more technical issues, but related to Christianity, he being a strong Biblical Christian who is appalled at the shape of morality in society. His focus will be on mathematics, as almost nothing exists on Christian mathematics, and he is taking a rather sceptical line against the usual view that mathematics is a creation of God. God may be a mathematician, but it does not follow that God’s math is man’s.

     I also see many philosophical problems with the contemporary philosophy of mathematics. For example, most mathematicians are Platonists, believing that the entities of mathematics exist in some extra-sensory reality. The number 1 is, for example, an abstract entity, and thus not subjected to physical constraints. Yet, did God make such entities if they exist beyond space, time and the physical world? What does such existence mean and how can humans work with such abstract entities, since abstract entities would not enter into causal relationships? For Dr Jensen, mathematics is a human creation, and in his papers, he shows why. He seems to be doing for us what our own Ian Wilson did for law, putting it back in the human realm, as well as preserving the mysteries of the Godhead. On a tangent, but still on the issue of math, it may be of interest to note that Marvel Film is holding to these propositions, which is creating some confusion on the internet:

1. Spider-man is in the Venon world
2. Spider-man is an Avenger and is in the Avenger’s world
3. Venon is not part of the Avenger’s world.

     Of course, the propositions are mutually inconsistent, but they do not seem to care about that!



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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