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Little Darling, Here Comes the Sun By Brian Simpson

     Even if the official narrative, dominated by the IPCC climate gurus was true, and please all climate change deniers, God bless you,  don’t throw a fit, because  in science it is possible to assume certain things even if false to see  what conclusions can be deduced, it would still not follow that every variable has been considered, since these climate change gurus have an Earth-based bias, and there is the role of the principal energy-giver, the sun, to consider, in long sentences:

“While there is no dispute among scientists that the Sun and its cyclical output is the true external force driving Earth’s energy and climate system as part of a Sun-centered Universe, the IPCC’s exclusion of the Sun from its consideration can only be seen as a deliberate thwarting of a basic fundamental law of  science, a process which assures a free inquiry based on reason and evidence. It is the Sun which all planets of the solar system orbit around, that has the strongest gravitational pull in the solar system, is the heaviest of all celestial bodies and its sunspots in relation to Earth’s temperatures has been known since Galileo began drawing sunspots in 1613. Yet the IPCC which touts a ‘scientific view of climate change’would have us believe the Sun is irrelevant and immaterial to the IPCC’s world view and Earth’s climate; hardly a blip on their radar. In the GW debate, CO2 is dismissed as a colorless, odorless pollutant that gets little credit as a critical component for its contribution to life on the planet as photosynthesis does not happen without co2.  A constant presence in Earth’s atmosphere since the production of oxygen, all living organisms depend on co2 for its existence.

As a net contributor to agriculture, plants absorb co2 as they release oxygen into the atmosphere that we two- and four-leggeds depend on for sustenance and oxygen as necessities for survival on Earth. There are scientists who believe that Earth has been in a co2 ‘famine’ while others applaud Earth’s higher co2 levels in the last three decades as a regreening of the planet. While An Inconvenient Truth (2006) and An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2016) stage managed the climate question as a thoroughly politicized ‘settled science’ with former veep Al Gore declaring the drama a ‘moral’ issue, there is no room for any preference that does not depend on a rigorous, skeptical, independent investigation based on evidentiary facts rather than the partisan politics of emotion and subjective opinion. Contrary to the IPCC’s stated goal, NASA recognizes that “All weather on Earth, from the surface of the planet into space, begins with the Sun” and that weather experienced on Earth’s surface is “influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle.” A Solar Minimum(SM) is a periodic 11 year solar cycle normally manifesting a weak magnetic field with increased radiation and cosmic rays while exhibiting decreased sunspot activity that, in turn, decreases planetary temperatures. Today’s solar cycle is referred to as the Grand Minimum which, according to NOAA, predicts reductions from the typical 140 – 220 sunspots per solar cycle to 95 – 130 sunspots.

As the Sun is entering “one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” a NASA scientist predicted a SM that could “set a Space Age record for cold” but has recently clarified his statement as it applies only to the Thermosphere. In October 2018, NOAA predicted “Winter Outlook favors Warmer Temperature for much of the US,” as above-normal precipitation and record freezing temperatures were experienced throughout the country. As of this writing, with the Sun noticeably intense, Earth has experienced 22 consecutive days without sunspots for a 2019 total of 95 spotless days at 59%. In 2018, 221 days were spotless at 61%. monitors sunspot (in)activity. With the usual IPCC and Non-IPCC split, the SM is expected to be at its lowest by 2020 with a peak between 2023 and 2026 as it exhibits counterintuitive erratic weather anomalies including cooler temps due to increased cloud cover, higher temps due to solar sunspot-free brilliance, potential electrical events,  heavy rain and flooding and drought, a shorter growing season, impacts on agriculture and food production systems or it may all be a walk in the park with shirt sleeves in January.

While there is clearly an important climate shift occurring even as the role of co2 and human activity as responsible entities remains problematic, the elimination of co2 and its methane sidekick would be exceedingly beneficial for a healthy planet.  It is time to allow scientists to be scientists without political agendas or bureaucratic interference as the Sun and Mother Earth continue in their orbit as they have for eons of millennia. As Earth’s evolutionary climate cycles observe the Universal law of the natural world, the Zero Point Field, which produces an inexhaustible source of ‘free’ energy that Nikola Tesla spoke of, is the means by which inter stellar vehicles travel through time/space.  The challenge for ingenious, motivated Earthlings is to harness and extract the ZPF proclaiming a new planetary age of technological innovation with no rapacious industry, no pollution, no shortages, no gas guzzlers and no war.”

     So, it seems that the climate gurus have overlooked one vital energy variable, the sun. In fact, it is possible that all climate change over the Earth’s history is highly dependent upon solar activity, and maybe other cosmological events. Since we cannot control this, there is no reason to restrict consumerism, massive capitalist expansion, coal-fired power stations with no emission controls and vast outflows of all matters of chemicals into the environment, that along with plastics, can only improve our lives, and our standard of living. As argued with spectacular reason in the book referenced below, the world will be saved by debunking all environmentalists concerns and mania with a new renaissance plastics and pesticides:

     The sooner the oceans become a solid mass of plastic, the better it will be for everything:

     Having more plastic than fish in the ocean should not be a matter of concern even for fish, for with the magic of evolution, fish will adapt and maybe fashion smart outfits for themselves out of shopping bags. That’s progress.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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