Literary Treasures from the Past By James Reed

     In preparation for meeting my maker, I am making things easier for anyone dealing with the sorry events post-James Reed, and at least getting rid of most of my books. All are going to good homes, like lost puppies. But, one final series of articles, if they merit it.

     My first handful are a series of little books published, or distributed, on the race question by the League in days gone by. D. Watts, The Dangerous Myth of Racial Equality: Genocide for the White Races? (1982),  and A. T. Culwick and J.C. Oosthuizen, The Inequality Principle (not dated), are small books attacking the idea of racial equality, discussing the South African situation at the time, as one of the main lines of evidence. Things have got unimaginably worse since Blacks assumed rule, and the White genocide thesis has strong evidential support:

     This is all a product of what Malcolm Muggeridge called in his book of this title: The Great Liberal Death Wish, (1979). Things have moved on theoretically and now the talk is biological, White pathology, a virus of the mind:

     I also found a self-published book by Ronald E. Henderson, The Last White Rose? The White Race, Survival or Oblivion? (1992). This little book not only discussed the coming dispossession of Anglo-Saxons in Australia, one of my themes at this site, but dealt with all of the issues concerning us still, such as the attack on marriage and traditional values, gun control, and the Republic and flag issues. All of these issues have become “white” hot since 1992.

     Not to be forgotten here is the great work which an old timer, Dr John Dique did with the publication of at least two books through the League, Immigration: The Silent Invasion (1979), and Immigration: The Quiet Invasion, (1985). These were, for the times, brave books, matched only by his pre-computer output of the Queensland Immigration Control Foundation newsletter, which greatly influenced my thinking. He did a great job, a fine Christian gentleman. I would ring him, then Eric Butler, most Saturday nights, being usually well on the road to being drunk, but still deadly serious. Apart from his political activity, he was a great doctor, being, among many things, an Australian dialysis pioneer:,WsIdRisposta,WsRelease&c1=00232&c2=13&c3=1

“Pursuit of these political and social objectives led Dique to hold meetings, to write provocative letters to the editors of newspapers (which they rushed to print), to publish booklets, and to associate increasingly with various Right-Wing groups of people. This all culminated, however, in a prominent and long-established leftist Australian political magazine, The Bulletin, interviewing him in preparation for an article that it ran on racism. It quoted him as saying: ‘I am a racist. Everybody is racist. Everybody likes the company of people of his own kind’. The implication was that to him ‘racism’ meant enjoying the company of people like oneself; it clearly did not mean adverse discrimination against people unlike oneself. The author of the article nevertheless succeeded in totally vilifying him, portraying him as a person worthy only of the greatest contempt. His experience in fact indicated that the word racism can have many interpretations, but that mere mention of it is enough to destroy a person’s reputation. This stigma dogged him for the remainder of his life.”

     Rest in peace, John, my friend, like Eric Butler, what a wonderful Australian you were. We have to continue the battle.
     At this point, sadness had got the best of me, probably due to alcohol consumption here alone in my flat as I wrote, so I will draw this book review survey to a close. More to come.

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Friday, 03 April 2020
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