Libertarianism as a Marxist Heresy By Chris Knight

     Freedom, for those of us that no longer have it, such as free speech in a multicult jungle, is a rare gem. But, can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps it is idle to speculate about such things, given the anarcho-tyranny that now suffocates us, but, I suppose there is still intellectual interest in the issue, the sort that prisoners must have in topics like transfinite set theory, while rotting in prison, waiting for the next form of abuse. Here is an interesting piece on libertarianism, a liberal position that takes freedom to its seeming limits, chasing free markets, and limited government:

“Henry Olsen, author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, described the “libertarian ideology” as a “religious faith” that dehumanizes people as commodities. “You can argue that libertarianism is a Marxist heresy, that where Marx said that the capitalist commodifies everything, the libertarian says, ‘Darn tootin,’” Olsen told Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour on Monday’s Breitbart News Tonight on SiriusXM. Olsen framed libertarians as prioritizing economics over all other considerations: “Try and find somebody that doesn’t think tariffs are an abomination. You can’t find that person on the right [or] the left. I think this fundamental agreement about the international nature of the economy that seems to put politics, community, nation, and — dare I say — humanity as irrelevant concerns.”

Mansour examined how neoconservatism and libertarianism undermined the conservative belief in national identity. She read the following passage from a recent op-ed on this topic by Daniel McCarthy, titled “Conservatism isn’t dead“: It’s not that liberalism in any form—left, libertarian, or neoconservative—does not have useful things to say or lessons to impart. But liberalism never knows when to quit. The left liberal expands government and attacks traditional social institutions to the point of undermining liberalism’s own pre-liberal foundations in common citizenship and Western values. The libertarian would not only put everything on the market—from sex to human organs, everything commoditised—but he would put it on the world market at that, dissolving the economic ties that bind every social institution from the household to the nation. Mansour added, “The idea of the nation-state seems to be lost.”

     However, I believe that the real problem with libertarianism is that it is not consistent, and does not take its radical deconstruction of the world far enough. It wants to dissolve governments and the nation state, but somehow the capitalist system, which is comprised of hyper-collectivist entities such has corporations, goes critiqued. That is inconsistent. Libertarianism should not only oppose big government, but big everything, big pharma, and big corporations. It should embrace a small is beautiful world of individual producers, living in local conditions. Libertarianism should be profoundly anti-globalist. But, it is not because it was always nothing more than an ideology for out of control capitalist tyranny and the creation of a one world New World Order.



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Saturday, 27 November 2021
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