Libertarianism: A Recipe for National Suicide By Chris Knight

    Freedom types in the US typically are libertarians, lovers of freedoms such as gun rights, and wanting limited governments and interference, but also holding to open borders for trade and the free movement of people. Central to their worldview is economicism, a belief that the economy is of central importance, and that the nation does not exist, in fact society does not exist beyond individuals. Anything else is socialism! Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum), is one leading exponent, although some disagree with even this claim:

    I object to libertarianism because they are simply wrong about the ontology of society. Sure, socialism goes too far into collectivism, but it is an unscientific mind that cannot see that humans are social beings who inherited not only a genotype, but a cultural phenotype from past societies. Society does exist, races and ethnic groups do exist, and human history and anthropology says that they do. Big business is not the friend of the people, but our enemy, plundering the planet for power and profit. The Left failed to say this, being concerned with promoting White genocide.

     A philosophy based solely on man in capitalist society, waddling around markets like a plump pig, is a narrow, reductionist philosophy that does not do justice to the full human experience.



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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