Letting George Rule By Charles Taylor

     Old George Soros is the man who keeps on giving … to Left wing politically correct causes. This time George is funding Left wing candidates for local politics, namely district attorneys right across the US:

“Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has dropped at least $275,000 into district attorney races throughout Northern California, supporting candidates who advocate reduced incarceration and other criminal justice reforms. Such issues have long been a passion for Soros, who in past years has funded state ballot measures to legalize marijuana and weaken the “three strikes” sentencing law. He’s also tipped district attorney elections in other parts of the country — last year a Soros-backed political action committee helped clinch the win for civil rights attorney Larry Krasner in Philadelphia. This year, the liberal financier has funneled contributions into the California Justice & Public Safety Political Action Committee, which is paying for campaign mailers and advertisements in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, as well as Sacramento, ahead of the June 5 state primary. In Alameda County, the committee has spent $131,158 in support of Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela Price, a candidate known for her sharp criticism of police. She is challenging District Attorney Nancy O’Malley — a more mainstream progressive seeking a third term — on the June ballot. Soros is using his money and influence to fix that, Cordell said. “He’s trying to bring in people of color and other candidates who want to change the system,” she said.”

     Yep, if it works to undermine traditional society, George is onto it. But, what is sad is that there are no rich capitalists seeking to fund the alternative side of politics. Just name one. Sure, there may be the odd issue, but no-one with big money seeks to systematically undo what George the boy does. This indicates  that our struggle, if it can be won at all, must be conducted by grass roots support. We can never afford to have rent-a-crowd because the money will never be there. Let alone can we expect capitalists to support the radical type of financial reform which social credit represents. The sensible Reduce Immigration Write On has not be supported by those with money, who claim to be concerned about Australia’s out-of-control immigration levels. So be it; we will do it on our own, without  a little help from our “friends.”



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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