Letter to The Reverend

Rev Peter Sandeman
CEO Anglicare
     Your article in the Advertiser today, in support of Same Sex Marriage is another disappointing contribution from the sources we expect to be promoting the virtues of traditional marriage which is so definitely described in the Bible.
You must be a product of the very clever and subtle brainwashing that has been evident over the last thirty or more years.  Just think back to your parent’s time and try to imagine church leaders advocating SSM being welcomed in the community  -  even where the clergy would assist with the ceremonies!
Why should the church reverse its policy?  Will it soon be acceptable or even good to steal?

     You mention our multi-cultural society and how it has resulted in the need for change.  If such a policy requires a Christian based society to change its fundamentals; then it is a pity our political and spiritual leaders did not forsee the problem and resist multi-culturalism.  We have been so weak in defending our Christian culture that the ‘multicults’ have used the opportunity, wherever there was a chink in our armour, to inject contrary ideas.

     There are plenty of writers advocating that Australia is unlikely to be saved from the gathering tsunami which threatens the last vestiges of our western Christian traditions and standards.  When it arrives, I expect there will be many surprised people wondering “Where it came from”!  They will ask “How did this happen?”
I hope those of us with a Christian faith can work for the miracle so necessary today.
KG, Naracoorte, SA



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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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