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Letter to The Editor - Who are the people who hold power and what are their aims?

To The Australian        Paul Kelly's invocation of the dubious term "zeitgeist" to account for Australia's political confusion ("Culture shift points to political change", 16-17/3) enables him to provide a quasi-mystical description of symptoms while avoiding identification of the disease, something which is vital before recovery is possible. He needed to ask the simple question: "Who are the people who hold power and what are their aims?" The answers are (1) individuals and groups with international connections and possessed of super-wealth, and (2) extension of their own power and influence. It is difficult to uncloak them, because public discussion of their activities is made almost impossible by their hold over the mainstream media. Meanwhile the "progressives", as Kelly terms them, are their dupes. Cory Bernardi and other conservatives are right that the nation, as well as the Coalition, needs a return to traditional understanding; but where he and many others err is in thinking that "the old religion" will suffice and that they can mount a renaissance without naming and challenging the real power-holders.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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