Letter to The Editor - Truth depends on the mysterious divine Being

To The Australian         The call by Henry Ergas for national unity ("Sweden showing the world how vulnerable we are", 14/9) raises the question of what kind of "cultural homogeneity" do we want here in the future? What kind of "shared values" might keep us able to "argue passionately yet live harmoniously"? Neither exclusivist Christianity nor aggressive left-wing idealism will do the job, for the opponents of each are too numerous and will remain so. What is needed then is an inclusivist approach to religion, one that embraces all the great sacred traditions and does not persecute unbelievers. Properly formulated, such a foundation can provide a viable basis on which a moral code can be supported that the great majority find acceptable. Essential to this approach would be a return to much greater freedom of speech, especially on matters concerning race and ethnicity. Underlying this ethos for a "new Australia" would be a shared conviction (in most Australians) that truth is a reality and that one's life should be lived according to it. Truth depends on the mysterious divine Being and is the enemy of all fanaticism's and modes of mean selfishness. 
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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