Letter to The Editor - Persistence in an unjust cause will hinder reconciliation

To The Australian         You are right that Aboriginal constitutional recognition "barely registers with voters" ("A voice to government for all indigenous Australians", 30/10). There is something for you to learn from that. Yes, it is true that The Australian has "consistently supported such recognition", but it has been consistently wrong in doing so. The term "indigenous" and the pseudo-definition of Aboriginality that was brought in by the first Whitlam government both fudge the issue. Most so-called Aboriginals are part-Aboriginals only and it is by no means ethically clear why they should be, two centuries after settlement, especially privileged over other Australians, huge numbers of whom were born here and have no other citizenship. Ken Wyatt says he wants his people "to be heard". As though they aren't being already, and with excessive media and government megaphones provided at no cost to them but plenty to the rest of us. Persistence in an unjust cause will hinder reconciliation or (a better term) mutual understanding, not help it.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic



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Wednesday, 29 September 2021
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