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Letter to The Editor - Live with what we have than to change to a republic

To The Age        No, the idea of monarchy has not become "outmoded" ("Popular royal visit a welcome reminder", 12/9), but nor, for that matter, has the idea of republicanism. The question is what is best for Australia now and in the coming years. It so happens that we have a particularly good compromise at the present time: we enjoy the sacred and historical glamour of royalty in a form that is constitutionally limited (thus avoiding royal tyranny) and we have a royal family that acts responsibly for the common welfare and looks likely to do so through the next two or three reigns. The downside is that we do not have a completely independent royal sovereign of our own. Better, however, to live with what we have than to change to a republic which would be dominated by foolish left-wing ideology and big business interests behind its corporate and party political support. US novelist Marilynne Robinson, a Democrat and admirer of Barack Obama, offers a noble vision of a different kind of republic in her new book of essays, What Are We Doing Here?; but there is no pressing need for Australia to go there now.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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