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Letter to The Editor - It does mean genuine commitment to intellectual freedom

To The Age        There is self-interest behind Dvir Abramovich's commentary on the Holocaust ("We have to fight anti-Semitism at every turn", 23/1). Is this not really a case of a Jew demanding special treatment for his own group at the expense of others? And is this in fact another example of that promotion of Jewish supremacism which rightly worries many decent commentators around the world? Abramovich uses excessive language several times ("hisses with diabolical resonance", "This earthbound place of limitless hell", "acts of unspeakable cruelty", "a crime against all humankind" and "this demonic factory"). This is typical of those who wish to establish the Holocaust as being beyond criticism, the centrepiece of a new quasi-religious cult. What really is a crime against humankind is the ongoing demonisation of Holocaust revisionists. To stop that an evil taboo has to be lifted. This does not mean approval of Nazi crimes against Jews or others. It does mean genuine commitment to intellectual freedom.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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