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Letter to The Editor - Free from out-of-date theological prejudices

To The Age        It is sad to learn that shadows have been cast over the reputation of the late Catholic psychologist Ronald Conway ("'Little harm' in child abuse: church expert', 19/9). Whatever the truth of accusations made against him, he deserves the gratitude of Australians for three important and substantial books. In The Great Australian Stupor (1971) and Land of the Long Weekend (1978) he provided profound analyses of our national society from a centre-right perspective. These provide a sane and witty riposte to the mass of left-wing and Marxist commentaries produced then and later. Also, in his autobiography Conway's Way (1988) this gentle and industrious man offered important insights into how religion in the Western world can be revitalised. "The only hope for the Christian vision lies in a revival of a true spirituality," he commented in 'A Small Testament', the last chapter. He was refreshingly free from out-of-date theological prejudices. As one who knew him personally for 44 years, I recall with gratitude his wry, humorous but deeply sensible character.
  Nigel Jackson,



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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