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To The Australian
Janet Albrechtsen’s intemperate piece (‘Islam’s local derby is for them to resolve’, 12/4) does not convince me that the US ambassador to the UN deserves three cheers for her diatribe against the Syrian government. Moreover, we should always be wary when someone writes about ‘unspeakable crimes’ and accuses a national leader of ‘murdering’ hundreds and thousands of his own people. What, single-handed?

More credible are sceptics such as Tim Anderson (‘Academia’s chance to fly Assad’s flag’) and strategic expert Rod Barton (‘Syrian blast crater “too small” for toll’). President Trump’s despatch of Tomahawk missiles looks like part of a ‘false flag’ operation engineered by very powerful interests behind the US throne. And Albrechtsen misleadingly makes light of the enormous amount of opposition to the US attacks widely published on the internet by many authoritative commentators.
Of course, a columnist who presumes to instruct the millions of adherents of a major sacred tradition to reform their religion to a mere ‘private personal faith’ plainly lacks wisdom, impartiality and the capacity for self-criticism.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Saturday, 31 October 2020
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