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Letter to The Editor

To The Sunday Age
Don Mackay’s ‘Faith’ column only scratches at the surface of the topic of the afterlife (26/2). It seems clear that our ordinary mind (or everyday level of consciousness) is unable to conceive an answer to questions such as ‘What is the universe? Why is it here? Who or what created it?’ This suggests that a higher or deeper level of cognition is required; and the great sacred traditions confirm that this is so. Connected to this enigma is the tradition that we do not know who we are and that answering this question is ‘the first step towards wisdom.’

It seems that there may not be any future life for who we think we are, but that there may be for who we really are. There does seem to be a large worldwide consensus that our ‘souls’ or ‘spirits’ do continue; and that what happens to them is shaped by what we have done here. The matter deserves serious thought because the kind of political order we live in is ultimately shaped by our religious beliefs.
NJ, Belgrave, Vic



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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