Letter to Mr Ian Smith, Chief Organiser, Anzac Day Events

Dear Sir, I listened to ABC radio this morning and heard your very good presentation to the crowd. There was one point which may have been open to interpretation, where I felt uneasy. This was in reference to “nationalism”.
I gathered you believe nationalism to be not a desirable aim or policy. If I recall, you also mentioned those who pursue such aims are narrow-minded, or words to that effect.
My concept of the tremendous bravery and sacrifices of Australian soldiers was all about nationalism. They gave their all for our freedom, rights and culture to be protected for future generations.

Today, the emphasis is on globalisation or internationalism which is contrary to nationalism. Furthermore it has delivered trade wars, legal nightmares as we are required to comply with global (U. N.) Conventions. Our culture is threatened by immigrants whose aim is to destroy our Christian heritage and replace it with a system from which (strangely) they fled.
I support nationalism.

On another matter; the “Welcome to Country” has now become part of many ceremonies and is acceptable in most cases. This morning the presenter spoiled her welcome by launching into political matters of recognition of aborigines.
Her address highlighted to me, how the play for Constitutional Recognition will lead to great division. Our constitution correctly refers only to “Australians”. We are all Australians irrespective of their background. To mention one section of our population automatically creates division - a “them and us” situation.
I hope you accept these remarks as constructive comment.
KG, Naracoorte, SA



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Friday, 04 December 2020
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