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Let the Thieves Run Free; Britain By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Here is more proof, if one needs it, that the rule of law is breaking down in Britain, regardless of immigration race issues. Surely, in a country governed by the rule of law, all, repeat, all crimes require investigation. One would have thought so, but in modern Britain, this is not so:

“Police in Norfolk, England, have dropped hundreds of burglary investigations after a computer algorithm recommended they were not worth pursuing, according to reports. Burglaries in the United Kingdom — which are much more likely to take place while the residents are at home than in the U.S., as Britons may not keep arms for home defence — have surged in recent years, with fewer and fewer resulting in any meaningful police action as resources shrink and focus shifts to new priorities such as ‘hate incidents’. Now the burglary ‘detection’ rate — which is already a mere 3 percent, having halved from an already low 6 percent since 2013 — looks set to decline even further with police in Norfolk trialling a computer algorithm which recommends whether or not a break-in is worth investigating. According to the Mail on Sunday, police are “simply closing cases after the machine calculates the chances of making an arrest and recovering treasured stolen goods” without doing any detailed detective work, without victims being told what has happened.”

     It appears that the police are spending their time regulating the white British population regarding hate speech, so that there can be a quiet passage to oblivion for white Britain:

“Police across 30 forces have wasted thousands of hours reviewing 11,236 ‘hate incidents’, figures have revealed, while crime and violence surge in Britain and the vast majority of robberies go unsolved. The National Police Chiefs’ Council defended the protocol as “vital” after the 2015-16 figures were revealed, which included such ‘hate incidents’ – acts too trivial to be classed as crimes – as people complaining of barking dogs and of receiving “racist looks” from strangers. Since the government’s release of an action plan in which success is defined as maximising the number of ‘hate’ complaints, police have proactively solicited reports of such incidents from the public and are required to record and investigate each one by sending an officer or making telephone calls. According to the Daily Mail, which notes that even just 15 minutes spent looking into each incident would have taken up 3,750 hours of officers’ time, the reports included people offended by newspaper cartoons and a student claiming to have been refused drinks in a bar due to alleged racism. Such incidents are upgraded to a ‘hate crime’ if a law is found to be broken.”

     Britain, and much of the West as we have known it, including legal institutions, has essentially ceased to exist, being replaced now by some strange mutation of liberalism, as US judge Robert Bork might have described it:



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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