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Killing Babies after Botched Abortions By Mrs Vera West

     Ok, abortion the elites say is a woman’s right under capitalist consumer commodification, but what about botched abortions where the whatever you call it, is born? Is the unnameable thing still the subject to the woman’s right?

“The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is unwilling to take up the issue of babies who are born alive and left to die or killed after an unsuccessful late-term abortion. Reports from medical workers suggest that many of children born alive during botched abortions are “evacuated” along with hospital waste or left to die in another hospital room or in a storeroom, despite signs of life. Others receive lethal injections or are smothered. Documents furnished to LifeSiteNews show that a written question from a Spanish member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe submitted to the Committee at the beginning of this year will receive no answer, because the ministers could not reach consensus about what should happen in such an instance.

The question is known to have given rise to intense debate and uneasiness in the Committee as a minority of countries, including Sweden and France, refused to approve demands contained within the written questions that steps should be taken to guarantee these newborns’ human rights. The question about these forms of infanticide was submitted on January 31 by Angel Pintado, of the European People’s Party. It read as follows:
In a number of European countries allowing late term abortion, it happens that human fetuses are born alive, surviving their abortion. News and articles featuring interviews with health care workers reveal that it is not uncommon to find an aborted fetus surviving with a beating heart, struggling to breathe. In the United Kingdom, for instance, it is reported that 66 babies in a year were left to die after their abortions went wrong.

In Sweden, one such child lived autonomously for 90 minutes after the abortion, and received no care until he died. In Norway, evidence shows that some of those newborns could have been viable if they had received the appropriate medical care. What specific steps will the Committee of Ministers take in order to guarantee that fetuses who survive abortions are not deprived of the medical treatment that they are entitled to – as human persons born alive – according to the European Convention on Human Rights? Apparently, the answer is: “None.”

     That relates to Europe, but I was curious as to what is going on in Australia on this question. A quick search revealed this:

“The number of babies surviving late-term abortions have increased in Queensland, figures released by Health Minister Cameron Dick have shown.
Calendar year    Terminations with live birth outcome
2005    8
2006    16
2007    20
2008    15
2009    13
2010    17
2011    20
2012    20
2013    23
2014    25
2015    27
Total    204

In 2015, 27 babies of five month's gestation survived, only to later die after not receiving life-saving treatment. The information was released by Mr Dick this week after he was asked a Question on Notice by Member for Cleveland Dr Mark Robinson in May. Mr Dick also provided the number of 'live birth' abortions for the last 10 years, which shows a steady increase of those that survive. Queensland Health confirmed that in such cases, life-saving care is not rendered to the baby after a decision to terminate is made and it is left to perish in the clinic. "Once a decision to terminate is made, that is the outcome in accordance with the family's wishes," a Queensland Health spokesperson said.

     Hence this issue is one for Australians to investigate as well. I would like to know what the moral difference is here etween letting a baby born through normal means, die, and these cases? Also, the legal situation would be interesting since isn’t this active infanticide? Please explain.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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