Karl Marx: The Philosopher of Blood By James Reed

     I did not bake a cake for this monster: Karl Marx’s birthday, two hundred years ago. Boy, if there is one person who is in hell, if I am able to speculate, this guy is, responsible for the deaths of probably over 100 million people. But, the Left will not have a bar of that and say that Marx cannot be blamed.This article does a good job of taking Marx apart:

     As a person, Marx was dirty and shonky, a total scumbag, who let his children die while he worked away on his evil books. This runs in parallel to the politics of Marxism, which was tried and proven to be a failure in the USSR and today in countries such as Venezuela. Even more moderate socialist countries like Sweden, applying Marx’s destructive globalism to immigration, are facing a tragedy of the commons and impending collapse. In a nutshell, Marx was the philosopher king of anti-freedom, and anti-individualism. We should not celebrate the birth of Marx. But, we must never forget his legacy, and who pushed this on humanity. The Left continue to worship this false god of death, a modern Thanos.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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