Justifying the Invasion By Charles Taylor

     The new class elites at the New York Times are doing what they normally do, that is advancing open borders world, at least for the West.

This is behind a paywall, which is ironic since the mind virus is limited in its spread, being mainly for the converted who pay. But the essence can be culled from quotes from other sites:

“There is a lot of debate these days about whether the United States owes its African-American citizens reparations for slavery. It does. But there is a far bigger bill that the United States and Europe have run up: what they owe to other countries for their colonial adventures, for the wars they imposed on them, for the inequality they have built into the world order, for the excess carbon they have dumped into the atmosphere. The creditor countries aren’t seriously suggesting that the West send sacks of gold bullion every year to India or Nigeria. Their people are asking for fairness: for the borders of the rich countries to be opened to goods and people, to Indian textiles as well as Nigerian doctors. In seeking to move, they are asking for immigration as reparations.

Today, a quarter of a billion people are migrants. They are moving because the rich countries have stolen the future of the poor countries. Whether it is Iraqis and Syrians fleeing the effects of illegal American wars, or Africans seeking to work for their former European colonial masters, or Guatemalans and Hondurans trying to get into the country that peddles them guns and buys their drugs: They are coming here because we were there. Before you ask them to respect our borders, ask yourself: Has the West ever respected anyone’s borders? …”

     Yes, open the borders and make the West Third World too, so everybody rots in poverty: a great idea! And, while we are at it, how about open borders between India and Africa, a relatively poorer country? Or is immigration to be only held to imperialism? What about Western countries that did not colonise? Ok, should the US stop fighting external wars for the New World Order? That would be one obvious consequence of the above nonsense. A shocking request. The author of these words of anti-Western wisdom is Suketu Mehta, author of the recently published open borders text, This Land is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto (June, 2019), a title which says it all.

     Mehta is an Indian migrant. Does he discuss the Indian Pakistan situation, which could be nuclear war at any time? He should, because it is a clear counter-example to the diversity cult he champions for the West. Anyway, a good nuclear war will soon turn off all this liberal madness, so maybe India and Pakistan will do us all a good deed in the long run, if we and the environment can survive it, which is anyone’s guess:

     I am glad that the globalists are pouring all of this toxic waste out now, abandoning the Fabian strategy of gradualism which worked so well for them in the past. Maybe people of the West will awake up before they die.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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