Justice in Multicult Britain By Michael Ferguson

     Here is the latest case showing the decline of justice in Britain, where critics of the system get locked away, while the Other is free to do what they will with whoever, with the record processing of arrest, trial and sentencing in one hour!

“Not only that, but it is very hard to get any information at all, as the police have imposed a gag order regarding this case — obviously they know how bad it makes them look, as the darkness of Sharia-compliant totalitarianism descends upon the UK. Future generations of free Britons, if there are any, will curse the name of Theresa May as the destroyer of free Britain. Caolan Robertson is saying that this is a death sentence for Tommy because, like Britain First leader Paul Golding, he will likely be placed in the general prison population, which is dominated by violent Muslims who will be quite happy to dispatch Tommy to jahannam. Britain is finished, and its death as a free society is by its own hand.”

     Here’s more:

     Tyranny rules the land.



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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