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Judges Acting to Increase Criminal Diversity By Richard Miller

     This is where diversity, open borders immigration and politically correct judges lead, a dangerous brew indeed, coming from the degenerate U-deKay, once known as “Great Britain,” today, generally far-from-great, Britain:

“Dozens of Jamaican criminals whose deportation was blocked by judges at the last minute included a knife killer and a rapist, prompting anger from government figures tired of the “farce” of judicial review. There was something of a controversy surrounding the charter flight, which originally involved up to fifty serious criminals, because the migrants involved came to Britain in their youth — although the general public seemed markedly less concerned about it than left-liberal politicians and members of the establishment media. In the end, only 17 criminals were successfully deported, after the Court of Appeal decided that a three-day mobile phone mast outage meant that another 25 did not have adequate access to legal advice on their cases. The 25 rescued criminals, who may now have to be released on bail while the Government seeks to rectify the situation, included Fitzroy Daley, who stabbed a man to death outside a pub in London, and Fabian Henry, who “raped a teenage girl in Bristol and groomed and abducted another”, according to The Times.

     Like much of the rest of modern Western society, the judiciary has been taken over by politically correct liberals who pursue social justice over sensible law making. The rot is now very deep, penetrating right throughout society at he deepest level. The entire DNA of society has become mutated with the racially suicidal liberal gene, and it is difficult to see how civilisation can be maintained. Indeed, what see are seeing in the articles reported at this site, which I am now catching up on, is the breakdown of a civilisation as certain as the barbarian invasions that finally ended ancient Rome. Sad to see two thousand years of blood, sweat and tears, go down the toilet system.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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