Jim Fetzer? Jim Who? By James Reed

     It is my dream to write a controversial book before I die which gets banned, and makes me famous, if only for 15 minutes. But, it won’t happen, mainly because I am too slow, old and lazy, and most importantly, unimportant. But, this is not true for Jim Fetzer:

“Fetzer, who I’m now calling, “The Most Dangerous Mind in America,” is the author of a book that was literally banned by Amazon.com. Yes, the some e-commerce retailer that gladly sells books promoting Nazi fascism, deadly communism and weird sex indoctrination of children went out of its way to ban a book about Sandy Hook. His book is entitled, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” and it lays out the case for why Fetzer believes the entire Sandy Hook shooting was a staged false flag event held in an abandoned school that had no real teachers or students at the time of the shooting. (You can download the entire book at this link if you’re curious.) Notably, I disagree with many of Fetzer’s conclusions, but I agree with the right of people like Fetzer to be able to speak.

Fetzer also believes that nobody was actually shot at the Mandalay Bay event in Las Vegas. He says it was all “crowds for hire” and fake blood theatrics. I find that conclusion to be bizarre and inaccurate, but even as much as I disagree with Fetzer’s conclusions, I believe Fetzer has a right to be heard so that others can decide for themselves whether the things he says make sense. I also find it highly suspicious that companies like Amazon would go out of their way to ban Fetzer’s books when so many other obviously false books aren’t banned at all (such as books espousing the Flat Earth theory). In an age where Pulitzer prizes are handed out to fake news media for publishing blatantly fake stories, I find it highly suspicious that Fetzer is being singled out for “extreme censorship.”

     Well, if Mike Adams says that he is ok, that is fine by me. Fetzer seems to be taking conspiracy theories to new heights, and with all of the weird stuff on the net, why single him out for special treatment? It is puzzling. Anyway, not knowing what to make of this guy, I found out that he was an academic philosopher of science, who did distinguished work in probability theory and AI, and that he ran: http://www.veteranstoday.com

    Here is a cut from a typical article, no names, please:

“The wealthiest families on this planet have erected a parasitic and absolutely inhuman system for the exploitation and subjugation of mankind. As the Dutch banker whistle blower Ronald Bernard, who had worked closely with the Global Financial Elite, recently stated: “The misery of the world is a business model.” This system is based on usury, and employs deliberately provoked and manipulated wars, providing loans with heavy interest to both warring sides, ensuring that both the victor and the vanquished come under their iron control through debt bondage. This brutal strategy is supplemented by purchasing and corrupting important individuals and groups, and converting them secretively to a Satanic philosophy through prolonged membership of secret societies, through recruitment at a raw age, through mind control and through terror.

The end goal of this state of perpetual war is to have a global slave state with a much reduced global population, with its riches concentrated in the hands of a few families permanently, with the enslaved mankind doing menial labour for the pleasure and power of the ruling Elite.  There will be no such thing as freedom of movement and freedom of thought in this global slave state known euphemistically as the One World Government or the New World Order. After having destroyed religious unity by promoting nationalism first and then bringing nation states of the same religions, as well as different religions, into head-on and bloody collision over a period of few centuries, these families have managed to deeply erode religious sentiments and loyalties.

They have, through tax-exempt foundations, taken over control of the education system and steered the West and East away from religion. For the past one hundred or so years these Satanic families have begun to erect structures for global control. Institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the BIS, the World Bank, NATO, etc. are helping in the transition to a one world slave state. In order to achieve their goal these families have divided mankind into major blocs and used them to destroy each other. For instance, the Communist-Capitalist divide, the democratic-totalitarian divide, the civilization-terrorism divide, etc. All these divisions are maintained by these families which control both sides in a conflict. One is kept in the fear of the other. The fear factor is a key part of their strategy in subjugation [of] mankind. “

     The “aliens” referred to in the above article are of the little green men type, and the article argues that these guys are not the main ones to fear. That, we know to be true. The one’s to be feared, and fought are those striving to create the One World slave state.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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