Italy: How the New World Order Rules By James Reed

     After the Italian people elected a populist anti-EU government that decided that it would do something about the insane EU immigration policy imposed on the people, the EU elites said: no, you cannot have this government, because we rule, not you, and you will be immigrated to death:

“Italian President Sergio Mattarella announced his rejection of Italy’s populist coalition government Sunday evening in what is being billed as one of the worst days in Italian political history. Mattarella’s move is being widely interpreted as a rejection not only of the government but of the national will as expressed in democratic elections, and massive demonstrations are expected Monday. The Italian president was reportedly under heavy pressure from Brussels, Berlin, and other centres of European power to abort the Eurosceptic government, which they viewed as a threat to European stability.”

     This will get interesting and is likely to be a test case for the future. Will the ordinary voters accept being suppressed or will they, perhaps for one of the few times in human history, rise up against their dictatorial masters? If there is anything worth fighting for at all, this is it, so I hope that the based Italians show us the way in their fight against globalist anarcho-tyranny.  Otherwise, I will never eat another pizza again.



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Sunday, 05 December 2021
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