Italy and Real Self-Defence By John Steele

     Italy is the only country in Western Europe that seems to be resisting the present flight towards the grave. Apart from immigration control, it has moved to give legitimate self defence laws, mainly due to the threat of rising crime, as Brazil has also done. The best way of people defending themselves, is to do it themselves, rather than depending upon police who, you can bet, will not get there when they are really needed:

“It was a campaign pledge of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini: The right to defend against intruders by any means necessary. Now, being able to grab a gun in self-defense is one step closer to reality. The Chamber of Deputies, Italy's lower house of parliament, on Wednesday voted in favor of a draft law on self-defense in the home. The bill specifies that "defense is always legitimate" in a person's home. It aims to protect a person who acts in self-defense in response to a perceived threat from an intruder. Under current legislation, a person who harms an intruder, even in cases of self-defense, can be held responsible for damages. The bill is reminiscent of US "stand your ground" laws , which often allow a person to use lethal force to defend themselves against an intruder on their property. In Germany, self-defense is vaguely defined, with the criminal code stating "a person who commits an act in self-defense does not act unlawfully." Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who leads the far-right populist League, has long campaigned for bolstering self-defense measures.”

     I would like to think that one day Australia too will get enough testosterone to man up and follow the Italian road, but, alas, I do not have much hope for this country in that respect. Too much urban life around the coast has destroyed what little remained of the ANZAC spirit.

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