It was Google Not Russia which tried to steal the 2016 us Elections By Chris Knight

     The chattering classes in the West are still in pain about their Queen Hillary Clinton being beaten by Donald Trump. Many have argued at this site that Trump is only a symbol, who has done nothing to meet his election promises. Ann Coulter has been calling him out on this, and hopefully will stand against him.It is important for the rest of the West to learn from the failure of the United  States, because time for a political solution is running out, and there is certainly no more time for mistakes. People should not be fooled by evidence that the Deep State is moving to destroy Trump, even though he is still under their control.

     What this means is that they want a more effective tool for their program of global tyranny and white genocide. They will do better than Trump. There is no doubt that Trump getting in was a mistake, because although the elites are totally evil and satanic, they do not have Thanos-like super-powers, yet, so they can fail. But, they are infinitely elastic and bounce right back from falls that would kill us, or even cats. The “Russia stole the election” theme, is a “big lie” that the Leftoids like to tell in the hope that repeating it enough will make it believed to be true. But, the truth is that if anyone tried to steal the election, it was the new Big Brother, Google: 

“Hillary Clinton may have lost by a substantially larger margin had Google not manipulated the search results in her favor. Even trending negative searches about the corrupt democrat were suppressed. According to an exclusive by Breitbart, the conclusions are based on 16 months of experiments conducted with a total of 1,800 people from all 50 U.S. states. Participants in the study came from diverse ideological backgrounds, including liberal, conservative, and moderate. In order to control prior biases, participants were asked to judge political candidates that they were unfamiliar with.

The research showed that the manipulation of results pages in search engines can shift the voting preferences of undecideds by anywhere between 20 and 80 percent, depending on the demographic –meaning Google was attempting to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton. The voting preferences of participants who saw no search suggestions shifted toward the favored candidate by 37.1%. The voting preferences of participants in the search suggestion groups who saw only positive search suggestions shifted similarly (35.6%). However, the voting preferences of participants who saw three positive search suggestions and one negative search suggestion barely shifted (1.8%); this occurred because the negative search suggestion attracted more than 40% of the clicks (negativity bias).

In other words, a single negative search suggestion can impact opinions dramatically. Participants who were shown four negative suggestions (and no positives) shifted away from the candidate shown in the search bar (-43.4%). -Epstein, Mohr, & Martinez, The Search Suggestion Effect, 2018 Led by Dr. Robert Epstein, the researchers concluded that by using this method of manipulation, search engines can shift a “50/50 split among people who are undecided on an issue to a 90/10 split without people’s awareness and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to follow.” Meaning the real collusion during the 2016 election was not between Trump and the Russians, but was between tech giants and their propaganda scheme and the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

     In the 2020 election, if Trump is not impeached before, the tech giants will steal the election for the Democrats. If the Republicans really wanted to survive they would be fighting now to break them up or in some way cripple them, but as always, nothing is being done.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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