It Pays to Get to ‘em Young By Mrs Vera West

     It looks like the gender agenda really begins in the womb nowadays, that is, if there are any births at all:

“SIX-year-old kids were sent home with extremely graphic “safer sex” instructions – including advice on lubricants – by an Australian school. Education bosses have apologised to horrified parents after young pupils received letters alluding to genital warts, syphilis, and even vaginal, anal and oral sex, after a viral skin infection outbreak. An outraged dad of a year one student at Ipswich West State School, west of Brisbane, told that he and his wife were "absolutely mortified" to read the "safer sex" tips in the note sent home last Friday. Youngsters were handed information about an outbreak of molluscum contagiosum, a generally harmless condition that commonly affects children, at the school. The viral infection affects the skin – appearing as small clusters of spots – and is most often found in the armpit, behind the knees or on the groin, according to the NHS. It can be transmitted between children during contact sports, or by sharing personal items like towels. And, the infection can be spread between adults during sex – as pointed out in the Queensland Health fact sheet, sent home with pupils alongside the Ipswich school’s letter warning of the outbreak. It says that “lesions around the genitals can transmit the virus through sexual contact”.”

     There is more but … you get the message. Really childhood has been ritualistically sacrificed by the elites so that fresh meat can be prepared, in some sort of  garden of unearthly “delights.” I imagine though that China will end all of this when the time comes.



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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