It is All a Grand Plan for US Destruction By Chris Knight

The catastrophic flow of migrants over the border, produced by Biden, is no accident. The aim is to bring in Democrat voters, and to dilute the White population, as part of the Great Replacement, something the Left is big on. Some do not comment on the racial aspect, but the general political consequences are clear enough.

“The Biden Administration has been touchy about using the word “crisis” to describe the catastrophic flow of illegal aliens across our border ever since he took office. Most Republicans think it’s because of the Administration’s reluctance to admit failure. More likely, it’s because they don’t see it as a failure at all. In fact, their plans are succeeding – just a little bit more than they had expected.

The Biden Administration intentionally caused a surge of migrants across the border, and it started on the first day of Biden’s presidency. He announced a 100-day “pause” in deportations. That sent an immediate and undeniable signal to people in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. Migrants understood it as:  “You have 100 days to make it to the United States—if you make it in, you get to stay.”

Biden’s acting DHS Secretary stated at the time that allowing “certain noncitizens ordered deported” to stay in the country “will allow DHS to ensure that its resources are dedicated to responding to the most pressing challenges that the United States faces….”  That was revealed as a lie a few weeks later when the Biden Administration announced new guidelines that dramatically restricted ICE’s ability to deport illegal aliens. Under the new guidelines, it’s extraordinarily difficult for ICE officers to remove anyone who is not a convicted aggravated felon, a member of a gang, or a terrorist. ICE officers aren’t being reassigned to “more pressing challenges” like the acting Secretary claimed. They are literally being forced to sit behind their desks.

ICE officers report that the situation is desperate. They are unable to remove more than 80 percent of the aliens who would have been removed from the country under Trump Administration protocols. Undertaking the removal of a less-threatening illegal alien now requires getting special permission from the anti-enforcement holdovers from the Obama years who now run the agency. And that permission is rarely granted. As a result, morale in the agency is at an all-time low. ICE agents are witnessing the surge of illegal aliens across the border, but their leadership refuses to let them get out of the building to do their jobs.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Biden Administration compounded the 100-day pause and the new ICE guidelines with the ending of Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which forced asylum applicants to wait in Mexico for their future asylum hearings in American immigration courts. As I have written previously, this was a crucial reform because approximately 90% of the asylum claims are ultimately rejected; consequently, many of the applicants disappear into the fabric of American society and never show up for the hearing. With the end of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, some 25,600 asylum applicants waiting in Mexico were allowed in. And this was on top of the new wave of migrants heading for our border.

A massive 78,000 migrants showed up in January—a ten-year record for the month of January. In February, the number was even bigger—Customs and Border Patrol reported100,441 encounters. The flow has jumped to an average of more than 3,000 border crossers daily. That’s roughly triple the typical 1,100 a day during the last year of the Trump Administration. And the general rule is that for every one migrant apprehended, another three successfully sneak in illegally. That means that more than half a million additional illegal aliens entered the United States during the first two months of the Biden Administration.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol officers have been taken off of their normal enforcement duties too. Instead of patrolling areas without border wall in order to keep illegal aliens out(which the Trump Administration recognized to be extremely important during a pandemic), Border Patrol officers are now spending their time processing the migrants into the country.

So who benefits from this absurd reality?  First and foremost, the Mexican cartels. They have seen their trafficking numbers triple. And it’s not just human trafficking; it’s drug trafficking too.

But cynical politicians on the Left also benefit. They succeeded in turning California blue over the past two decades by replacing U.S. citizen voters with low-income migrants who vote overwhelmingly Democrat. New Mexico followed, along with Arizona which in the process of flipping. But Texas is the ultimate target.

It’s not an unexpected crisis. It’s a plan that yielded bigger results than the Biden Administration anticipated.”

We blame Trump for this and everything else, since it was clear that America was facing its endgame, and he choose to save his hide rather than make a historical fight, after overwhelming evidence that the election was stolen. He is thus, an accomplice in the crimes of the century.

The only good thing to happen from all of this is that gun sales are exploding. Keep up the good work, folks!

“Stimulus check equals gun money,” Brandon Wexler, owner of Wex Gunworks in Florida, told Forbes’ Aaron Smith last week.

“I do anticipate that when people get a stimulus check they will spend it on firearms, accessories, high-capacity magazines, and ammo, if they can get it,” Wexler added.


This does not appear to be anecdotal.

Al Tawil owns Towers Armory in Ohio and told Forbes “his weekly sales jumped by about 20% right after mid-April 2020, when many Americans received the first $1,200 stimulus payments from the federal government.”

“We’re expecting another big sale when the [latest] stimulus comes out,” Tawil said “They’ve got the extra money and people go indulge themselves with something they can’t normally afford. Some people want a car. Some people want a gun.”

It isn’t just the money from the government encouraging people to go out purchase guns, it is also — obviously — a year’s worth of leftwing terrorism and violence. Months and months of Democrats rioting in Democrat-run cities combined with Democrats emptying prisons, and now we have who knows how many criminals striding across our southern border now that His Fraudulency Joe Biden opened it up to anyone.

People are worried, and they should be.

On top of the rise in violence is something just as troubling: we have the corporate media, the Democrat party, academia, and Hollywood — four major American institutions — becoming increasingly comfortable with political violence in pursuit of their fascist goals. This is something we have never seen before. For example, as the terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted throughout much of last year, we saw those four institutions justify and encourage that violence. Personally, that worries me more than the violence itself.

I can also tell you, and this is anecdotal, that my local gun shop is completely out of ammo and selling firearms like they’re going out of style, and if Biden has his way, all kinds of guns will be banned. So people are getting while the getting’s good, and I have no doubt the stimulus checks are making this more possible than it would have been otherwise.

Also supporting the idea Americans are using stimulus money for guns is this:

In April 2020, when many Americans were receiving stimulus payments in the mail or by direct deposit, federal background checks totaled 2.91 million, a 25% jump from the year before, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In December 2020, when many Americans started receiving another round of stimulus payments at the end of the month, federal background checks jumped 34% compared to the year before, according to the FBI.

Is this a great country, or what?

Better still, since the China Flu hit, we have more than eight million brand new gun owners. The more the merrier. An armed populace is a safe populace.

All I know is this… As I watched the establishment media and Democrats encourage all the left-wing terrorism over last year, and then go on to pretend it never happened, I knew I was in more danger from my own government than at any other time in my life. Boy, did I stock up on firearms. Also got my carry permit.”

Yes, I fully agree and will be using my Biden check to buy ammo, if I can get it, also hard to find in Florida.



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Saturday, 08 May 2021
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