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Islamic Feminism Again By Mrs Vera West

     Muslim academic Susan Carland, has joined the Islam/feminism debate, claiming that sharia law can in fact fight injustice against women and sexism: Just to be sure I get her position right, here is what is said in The Australian, and we therefore know that it must be good and tasty:

“Academic and author Susan Carland is the latest high-profile Muslim to publicly defend Islam’s feminist credentials, despite her own book conceding many of the faith believe the religion to be “inherently at odds” with feminism.
Launching Fighting Hislam: Women, Faith and Sexism in Sydney this week, Dr Carland claimed that sharia—the legal system adopted across many oppressive Islamic regimes—could be interpreted in such a way to fight sexism and injustice against women.
“You can have secular feminism, you can have Islamic feminism, you can have all different types of feminism,” she told the audience.
Dr Carland, a Sunni Muslim married to television presenter Waleed Aly, made a similar argument in an opinion piece published in The Conversation yesterday, where she wrote that “many Muslims see the Qur’an and hadith as a defence for their arguments against sexism, not as a stumbling block to women’s liberation”.

     I think this academic needs to do a bit more research investigating cultural and historical facts, such as domestic violence and women’s rights. Here, I will get her new research under way:;;;;;

     Don’t you like how progressive academics never tackle the hard facts against their position?



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Monday, 06 July 2020
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