Is the Earth Flat, or Just Shaped like a Chocolate Donut? I Ponder By Uncle Len, Amateur Cosmologist

     Fighting depression, heart disease, diabetes, syndrome X, Y and Z, as well as many pathologies unknown to modern science, I am back with a bright, fresh and shining article about the flat Earth theory. Well, no not really, just about the freedom to expound on controversial things. One, it was not controversial to believe, and say that the Earth was flat. Now, although it is not yet illegal, Big Tech is clamping down on it, having put the big stomping boots onto race/gender/immigration issues, that maybe 50 years ago, would have ben uncontroversial. It is all about power and who runs the great cesspool of society.

     Anyway, Mike Adams is not going to censor flat Earth videos, and that makes my day;

“With YouTube recently announcing it’s going to explicitly down-rank Flat Earth videos (and other topics, such as 9/11 analysis videos), I’m affirming today that even though I am convinced the Earth is a sphere, Flat Earth theory videos are welcomed on because minority views deserve a platform for speech (even if those views are incredibly unpopular or seem bizarre). This is important to note, because even though I am convinced the Earth is a sphere, I also believe that dissenting views on science, astronomy, medicine, history, psychology, religion and everything else deserve a platform for speech. In other words, I agree with the free speech rights of those with whom I disagree… with certain narrow limits described below. is not a platform for Satanism, for example. Since Satanism videos are welcomed on YouTube and all the left-wing tech giants which are actually run by Satanists, there is no organized censorship of Satanism videos. Satanists don’t need an independent platform for free speech, since they already run Hollywood, public schools, the tech giants and much of the left-wing media. In contrast, Brighteon is a platform for those whose views are systematically censored… including those who discuss minority views on science, medicine, history, consciousness, religion or practically any other topic. With YouTube now censoring videos about the Flat Earth theory, become the obvious platform to host those videos without interference; with no down-ranking, no search suppression and no shadowbanning.”

     That is good news for us, so that alternative finance can be got out, because You Tubulars will be moving on that soon, if it already has not. Also, it allows me to prepare my series of lectures on cosmology, where I demonstrate through precise scientific experiments in my shed, that the Earth is really just a  chocolate donut. Absurd you will say. Well, didn’t people once believe that the moon was made of green cheese (produced by a cosmic cow), although I personally would go for the white cheese hypothesis, even though everything white is racist.

     If the flat Earth, and the alternative Uncle Len chocolate donut theories are so silly, then why is Zucky, or whoever, are lying awake at night thinking up new ways of censoring us? Mark my words, your mentally unhinged friendly neighbourhood lunatic  Uncle Len, could be the next Galileo (1564-1642), to be burn at the stake for his beliefs, only Galileo wasn’t, it was Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), thanks to the magic of Wiki, which makes even fools look semi-educated. Then I intend to write on anti-vaxxer stuff and get censored too, as Mark Zuckness  is just waiting for it".

     I will then wear a grey T-shirt and a hoodie. Anyway, tired now, time for heavy meds and a sleep, in my dirty T-shirt and once white, now black, hoodie.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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