Is Food Racist? Is Air? By Tom North

     Another day, yet another challenge to push political correctness to places where no man has gone before. Sorry, genderised person:

“Doctor Milton Mills explained these inequalities of the US Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines at length, painting a picture of the historical negligence of the US government when it comes to crafting their food recommendations to the dietary needs of minorities in the country, led most notably by its impact on African-Americans. Mills is an Intensive Care Unit doctor in Washington, D.C., and a noted speaker on the topic of disease prevention through dietary methods, shunning the typical western diet in favor of eating a plant-based diet.

Even the foods marketed and conventionally considered healthy can be dangerous, Mills said. One of the leading perpetrators of this is the inclusion and prominence of dairy in the food pyramid and generally recommended for healthy growth. While this may have some merit for Caucasians (though Mills disputes research on animal dairy’s efficacy in bone development, the scientific community seems divided), the problems for minorities with dairy are clear. The incidence rate of lactose intolerance in African-Americans hovers around 75 percent, more than three times higher than the incidence rate of those with Anglo backgrounds in America. Other minorities are also diagnosed with the condition at far higher rates, led by East Asians at 90 percent.”

     Although I started out with the noble intention of satirising these claims, on deeper reflection, maybe the good doctor is right after all, that there are racial differences in food assimilation, and some races do not digest some foods very well, such as dairy products, and lactose. That in no way is any sort of “inferiority’ at all, or racism, but just a racial fact. There does need to be greater awareness that some diets will be detrimental to some racial groups, but the failure to do this is not racism, but due to anti-racism, the deliberate politically correct drive to paper over racial differences. As this example shows, the anti-racial mania can actually harm groups it is allegedly supposed to help.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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