Is Ageing Sex Pot Madonna Right? Ban All Guns, Starting with the Establishment? By John Steele

     Madonna, ever-ready for controversy and attention, has done her usual, let’s-ban-all-guns rave, but this time, she is the first liberal to be consistent:

“Left-wing pop icon Madonna offered the kind of hot take in response to George Floyd’s death that she’s become famous for, by suggesting that “no one should be able to carry a gun,” especially police officers. Floyd died Monday after being handcuffed and held down on the ground by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee. Riots are exploding in the streets from Los Angeles to Minneapolis. So, Madonna responds by advocating to disarm law abiding gun owners.”

     Yes, but let us follow this through. If we all go back to melee weapons, or even better, just fists and legs and martial arts skill, how will the weak liberals go when they set out to fight in the coming “race war,” as chanted here?

     My guess is that the average liberal will run out of steam after about half a round, and will lie down on the ground with severe chest pains, poor darlings. Then everyone will have a beer and forget the whole thing.



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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